UX Designer


6 months


1 project lead (Germany)

1 matter expert (Australia)

3 UX Experts

(China, Germany)


Adobe XD


While at the Indian OEM, I worked on a UX project to improve the car infotainment system. Collaborating closely with a team of three UX experts, one matter expert, and one project lead, we conducted a benchmarking report and user research to better understand the users and their needs.

To ensure that our research was focused and effective, we created a questionnaire for the user interviews. We collected data from ten participants based in India. The result of the Interviews lead us to our user study, which helped us identify the main issues that needed to be addressed. The problems we identified included battery range, better trip planning due to India's infrastructure problems, and a desire for a more minimalistic design for the infotainment system.

After coordinating the results and analyzing the user data, we evaluated the user study and presented our findings to the stakeholders. To brainstorm solutions, we conducted a three days workshop with stakeholders, applying different research methodologies such as empathy maps, affinity diagrams, personas and the Moscow method.

Based on the insights gathered from our research, we created prototypes for the infotainment system and the OEM´s app. We presented these prototypes to the stakeholders in a Figma presentation. I was pleased to receive positive feedback from the client.

Overall, my time with this client was a valuable experience that allowed me to hone my skills in UX research, prototyping, and stakeholder communication. We were proud on the positive impact on the user experience for the OEM customers. We secured a client for future projects in India with Luxoft technologies.

All findings are under non-disclosure agreement