UX Expert


4 months


4 Domains


1 project lead

2 Speakers (UX)

10 UX Experts

4 Project Owners

4 Concept responsable

1 Scrum Master

3-5 Developers

(Germany, Egypt, Ukraine)






My role as a UX expert involved documenting, specifying, and maintaining wireframes for four domains assigned to me. I collaborated with another UX expert for the four domains, and we held weekly grooming and sprint meetings to discuss modifications required in the system.

Every screen of the wireframe was documented in an excel-based database system, which was a requirement from the client. We used Sketch to create and modify the wireframes, which were then shared with the developers in PDF format. During the grooming meetings, the entire team, including developers, project owners, scrum masters, concept managers, and UX experts, discussed the changes needed and clarified any doubts for the week's work. During the sprints, we reviewed the changes made and ensured that they met the project owner's expectations.

I was responsible for these four domains for the entire duration of my 4-month engagement with the project until they were handed over to another team. My team and I worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible UX design wireframes for the German OEM customers, and our efforts were reflected in the positive feedback we received from the stakeholders.

Working on the Premium OEM project was a challenging but rewarding experience that allowed me to showcase my UX design skills and work with a team of talented professionals. 

I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to future engagements where I can apply my expertise to deliver exceptional user experiences. I found that my communication skills, honed over years of experience in customer service, were invaluable in my role. I was able to effectively communicate with all members of the team and increase efficiency, resulting in a successful project outcome.

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