UX Designer


4 months


4 project leads

10 UX Designers

10 UI Designers

(China, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia,





I had the opportunity to work with a South-east Asian car manufacturer, on a UX project aimed at improving the user experience for their car models. The project involved a significant amount of wireframing work, during which we created our own custom components as needed for the system design.

Car model 1
Each UX designer was able to create and attach their own asset to the mid-fi wireframe as we ideated and worked on different features for the brand. We also worked on improving the existing features, such as phone, connectivity, third-party apps, climate control, and more.

Our team worked tirelessly to create different features that would appeal to the OEM customers, as well as improve the overall usability of the system. We conducted several rounds of user testing and evaluation, ensuring that the design met the needs and preferences of the users.

One of the most significant accomplishments of this project was creating a system that was not only visually appealing but also intuitive and easy to use. We delivered a seamless user experience for the Car model 1 and Car model 2. The feedback from the client and users was very positive.

Car model 2

My most valuable contribution was a benchmarking study where we analyzed various car brands with high sales in Europe, Asia, and America. Based on the results of this study, we provided the stakeholders with a market analysis that highlighted the most important trends in the market, such as augmented reality, diagnostic services, voice control, etc. With this result we define the possible use cases to be prototyped

Working with this particular car-manufacture was a valuable experience that allowed me to push the boundaries of my UX design skills specially within Design System. I'm proud of the work I accomplished and the positive impact it had on the user experience of the client customers.

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