UX/UI: I am a designer living in Berlin, who can provide the best UX-UI solutions for your company. By combining two of my life's passions, design and psychology, I am able to create sleek and modern designs with meaningful user experiences.

DESIGN: My whole life, even as a child, I have loved to create beautiful things. Whether it be through art, design, or even cooking, I always apply a keen sense of aesthetics to what I do.

PSYCHOLOGY: I am a people's person. I love to understand how people think and how outside forces can subtly influence human thoughts and behaviors.


2022 Luxoft Technology | Vinfast

2022 Luxoft Technology | Daimler

2022 Luxoft Technology | Tata Motors

2021 - Auto1 Before & After - Case Study

2021 - Temple of Cards Before & After - Case Study

2021 - Kaffee la Finca | UX/UI Re-design Case Study

2021 - Omnia | Mindfulness app | Case Study

2021 - Strava | Running app | Case Study

2021 - Savvy Magazine | Editorial Website | Case Study

2020 - Paula Lamas Web | Univision Seattle News Anchor

2019 - Lucia Ibiza Web | Babysitter Business

2016 - THS Schule Web | Integrated Secondary school in Berlin



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